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Food Rescue Admins

Kiwi Charitable Assistants

Part Time


Start and finish in Grenada North, 8.45am to 11.45am immediate start

Must be over 25, with clean Class 1 Car Full Driver's Licence

Once a month commitment

Once you have arrived at our warehouse, our Storeman will go through with you the manifest for the shift.

1 on 1 training is provided and there is also a manual that you can refer to.

Working closely with the volunteer passenger you will be required to sort and box donated food from local supermarkets ensuring that you check the 'use by' and the 'best before' dates before placing it into banana boxes.  All donated food is also weighed for reporting purposes.

This role involves heavy lifting (15-20kgs) between 2 people, so you must be reasonably fit. KCA provides a barrel trolley to wheel the stock to the chiller truck.

This role is a once a month commitment for a minimum of 6 months.

Application forms can be found online or go to our website link

Added 9 November 2023

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