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Qualified Builder / LBP

Smartway Builders

Full time


Are you leading a building team, or have a strong desire and ability to step up? We want to talk to you.

We are a company that values its people and actively seeks to grow talent. We have a pipeline of building projects coming up this year so if your looking for a change to a people-focused company, look no further. We have ensured our people are consistently employed, developed, and supported and as lead builder, you will be a big part of helping us grow rounded professionals

What's in it for you?
Imagine a job where you are part of a positive group of humans where people matter. We all work hard, so wouldn't you want to work for people who notice your achievements and where you are appreciated rather than being a cog in a wheel?

Generally, we avoid working weekends unless we have a project requiring extra effort. Long gone are those 70-80 hour weeks. That's not how we treat people at Smartway.

Being decent employers is essential to us, and we guarantee you will feel that difference when you work here. So do our clients and subcontractors.

In this role, we will work collaboratively with you, focus on learning and continuous improvement, and ask that you do the same. We also offer a competitive salary.

About You
You are an experienced builder across various constructions and have deep technical expertise. You work to high standards and have passion for the finished product.

You enjoy helping others, and you want to work for a solid company. In addition, you want a secure future with a company that treats its people well.

You are great with clients and able to communicate well. In addition, you get great satisfaction from helping other builders learn their trade and become true craftsmen.

The skills and abilities we are seeking include the following:

Fully qualified with 5+ years of solid experience in residential construction

Experience and interest in mentoring upcoming builders
Commitment to Health and Safety protocols
A strong work ethic and commitment to your team
Good communication
Full Drivers License

About the role
As Lead Builder, you will be the technical lead on projects, helping upskill the rest of the team and driving a highly collaborative team. We work with an exceptional bunch of builders at various stages in their careers.

You will provide guidance, direction and support, along with working collaboratively with others .
Our people turn out good quality work with a focus on C.A.N.I. … Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

About Us
Smartway Builders was founded on the belief that quality work and partnering with our clients leads to exceptional results for all.

We work together collaboratively and look to help and inspire each other, so our people and our clients win.
We strive for excellence, but your wellness is just as essential. We know it's a tough industry, and we are interested in the well-being of all our people.

We are focused on delivering top-quality residential renovations, additions and alterations, as well as new builds, and we work with absolute professionals to get the
Our focus is as much on our people as our clients and the results.

Apply Now:
If you are looking for a change and want to be part of a growing team, apply now: Please attach your cover letter outlining your interest in this job and your CV.

Job Posted on 8 Feb 2024


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