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Colt Products & Services

04 913 2072

92 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Colt Products & Services

Since 1931 Colt has helped people feel healthy, comfortable and safe in their working and living environments with its solar shading, natural ventilation, performance louvres and smoke control systems. People in Colt conditions enjoy optimal air and lighting quality, comfortable temperature and humidity levels, and better health and productivity. In the case of fire, they can count on smoke-free escape routes for safe evacuation and access routes for effective firefighting.

Colt conditions are good for the environment Colt's holistic approach harnesses the natural elements to create energy-efficient buildings and contribute to a sustainable built environment. Its systems work together to reduce the building's cooling requirements with solar shading, harness the cooling properties of air, earth and water, and use the building envelope to generate electricity.

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