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A Call to Action – Put a Stop to Suburban Paid Parking

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or hanging out in warmer climes, you will no doubt have heard that Wellington City Council (WCC) proposes to introduce suburban paid parking.  It is the talk on the street, the gossip in the hairdressers and the anger throughout social media sites.

Options to Submit

If you don’t want paid parking in the suburbs, you need to have your say on WCC’s long-term plan and there are many ways you can do this:

  • WCC preferred method is via their online submission form.  It is advised that you read the consultation document as it covers important decisions on Water, Waste, Investments and other key proposals, one of which is a proposal to introduce paid parking in the suburbs. Paid parking is from question 5.

  • There is an option to print off the submission form and either email, post or drop it off at Tawa Library.

  • Tawa Business Group’s abridged version of the online submission form or a downloadable form.  These forms focus only on the proposal to introduce paid parking in the suburbs.

  • Pick up a form from Tawa Library.

Stories to Tell

Tawa Business Group has heard plenty of people who are strongly against introducing paid parking and we want to make sure that WCC hears your voices too.  These stories may help you with your submission.

  • Affordability: These are already difficult times with the high cost of living and an increasing number of local redundancies, and this is an extra charge that people cannot afford.

  • Local Investment: The suburbs should not be subsidising the income shortfall from removing car parks in the CBD.  Money raised in the suburbs should be used for local investment.

  • Accessibility: Tawa has a different demographic than the CBD. Many older and less able people rely on the services that the suburb provides and being able to park easily and directly outside their destination is important for them being able to leave their homes and reduce feelings of isolation.

  • Policy Compliance: The proposal for paid parking does not follow the 2020 Parking policy that says that paid parking will be introduced if occupancy is often over 85%, turnover is low and non-compliance is high.


Kindness Always

Please remember to be kind in your submissions – Councillors are more likely to respond to positive and well-defined responses.

Change can Happen

Our three Northern ward Councillors all voted against the proposal in February, but they lost on a vote of 10:7. Councillors changed their minds about reducing hours in swimming pools and libraries so they can change their minds about this too BUT only if you submit your feedback.  The more submissions we make, the less likely it is to happen. One submission per person so make sure all your family and friends submit too.

The deadline for submissions is midnight Sunday 12 May 2024.

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