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Rappaw Veterinary Care

04 232 8382

224 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am - 12 ( Noon)

Rappaw Veterinary Care

Welcome to our Rappaw Vets website. Our purpose is to provide the best vet care to ensure that your pets are as healthy and happy as possible. That way you can enjoy the human-pet bond to its fullest.

We have pets to provide friendship, joy, fun, companionship and love. The relationship is at its best when this is mutual. The connection between us and our pets can be magical.

At Rappaw Vets, as our name suggests, we are about having that great connection, bond, relationship. We want our practice and the people in our practice to have the same friendly, trusting relationship with you and your pet.

By having a common understanding and sense that we share each other's desire to do the best for your pet and you, together we can help them achieve a long, healthy, happy life.

Any Vet practice can say these things. We are proud to say we can back them up by having BESTPRACTICE accredited clinics (the only two vet clinics in all of Wellington and Porirua) and a very experienced team. We are the most popular practice in the north Wellington and Porirua region for a reason, seeing nearly 20,000 pets a year!

With four Vet Clinics in Tawa, Paremata, Whitby and Titahi Bay, we strive to provide excellent service and care with a team that treats your pet personally. We are proud of this and believe in our motto.

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