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021 265 2365

173 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028, New Zealand


Monday - Friday: 9AM–4PM

By Appointment Only


Physiotherapy Clinic - ACC registered

Our focus is hands-on, holistic physiotherapy.

We use an integrative, therapeutic approach to achieve postural/ structural alignment thus optimising function and mobility, and minimizing pain.

Our focus and experiences are in the area of pain and dysfunction management.

This clinic also provides Wellbeing and Holistic Stress Management education.

(30 years experience) "

The Team

I am a mom of two beautiful young adult boys. I am twice a cancer survivor which has taught me to truly appreciate life. Having journeyed and experienced health challenges and life traumas, I have gratitude and enjoy living for the day. I am passionate about the human body and its design on both macroscopic, microscopic, and energetic levels. I embrace the fusion of having studied the body from a Western (scientific) model but also allowing space and respect for the body's natural healing potential, when structural balance is achieved. I continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally through ongoing study in both traditional and more natural therapeutic approaches. I believe strongly in the saying - practice what you preach. The human body has an amazing design especially when nurtured, supported, and allowed to 'breathe'. Lise

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